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Squirrel mounting kits for beginners

Introducing our squirrel mounting kits for beginners. Now you can mount your own squirrels when you purchase one of our easy to use kits. Each kit is available in 5 different sizes. Check out the instructional pictures below to see how to measure your squirrel properly. Each kit includes appoximately 100 color photos and detailed written instructions. If you have any questions just give us a call or an email and we will gladly help you get the correct kit for your trophy squirrel!

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Squirrel Running Down Kit
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Squirrel Sitting Kit
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Squirrel Running Up Kit
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"The squirrels pictured below are all mounted using the Squirrel Mounting Kits for Beginners. One of each size and position are featured."

Ellzey’s has been a family owned and operated business since 1980. It was started by John David Ellzey, Sr. and his wife JoAnn. They are the #1 manufacturer and producer of squirrel mannikins in the world, all of them being made right here in the United States.

What is a squirrel mannikin?
It is an anatomically correct replica of a squirrel body made in a mold by a 2 part expandable foam that is used in Taxidermy.
Ellzey’s currently has the largest variety of sizes and positions of squirrel mannikins with over 340 different types in stock.

In 2013, a new member of the team was added, Miranda Spencer. Miranda works as a taxidermist and a secretary/bookkeeper.  David Ellzey is a taxidermist and has mounted countless species of squirrels and is known in the taxidermy industry as “The Squirrel Man”. He has also been an instructor for taxidermy events on the state, regional, national, and world levels.

 It is our wish at Ellzey’s to bring the art of taxidermy and our love for squirrels into every home so that you can create lifelong memories with your family.